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"Shed My Skin," from the new album "A Thousand Roads."

Welcome to Dicker Songs. A platform of original songs.

Frank Dicker, songwriter, has written some intellegent diversified songs. His songs have been created for other artists, film, TV, games and marketing.

With this catalogue of songs you'll find country, country rock, americana, jazz, and the blues.

"Butterflies Are Free"


Polo Jones (of the Zucchero band and The Body Guard film) Produced ten of Frank's songs:

Here is a collection of ten Frank Dicker songs produced by Polo Jones. Each song was recorded by some of the finest artists around. Dave Adams (Montrose), Mike Vanderhule (Y&T), Polo Jones (Zucchero), Kat Dyson (Prince), Will Russ Jr, Vernon "Burnin'" Kenny Aronoff (John Melencamp), Rob Tracy, Terry Martin. Mark Fenichel,Edward Jones, Ric Felicano and the Funky Horns, Danny B., Jason Marks, Joey Trombley, Abraham Laborial Jr (Paul McCartney) and Alfred San Miguel.



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My music friends Kat Dyson and Kenny Arnoff, recording artists on the "Butterflies Are Free" CD album.

My music friends Will Russ Jr and Burnin' Vernon Davis recording artists on "Butterflies Are Free" album.

"Butterflies Are Free" producer Polo Jones

Miss Donna and our friend Mike Vanderhule of Y&T.

Thanks to the Frank Dicker Band and producer Polo Jones

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Thanks to Frankie Dee and Jim Dicker, Sr.

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Thanks to Pat and Robin Hughes and Donna Dicker, my love

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