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“Frank Dicker is a very special Songwriter-Producer-Artist…. His razor sharp songs and performances embody the very highest level of commerciality and creativity. His musical works continue to be a favorite of key A&R executives , film and TV producers and music fans throughout the country.” – Chris Dodson, President/CEO Makin’ Music,Inc. (The number one independent creative services firm in Country Music for 26 years, whose credits include 150 Top Ten Records, 7 times Song of the Year and Songwriter of the Year honors, in addition to numerous Grammys, CMA Awards, and ACM awards.)

2005 Frank’s songs I Want You”, “LA Keeps Bringing me Down,” and “Girl in my Life,” were included in the John DiGiorgio CD Come Take Tonight.

2007 Frank’s song “Riding on That Train” was included in the CD “Ride The Train,” a compilation of train songs published by NBT Music, West Virginia.

2015 Frank’s song “My Coloring Book (a Christmas song) was included in the WOA 2015 Christmas compilation CD.

Morgan Hill Life

Music In The Air … Mark Fenichel

Mild-mannered musician making magnificent music in Morgan Hill

Published in the Oct. 28 – Nov. 10, 2015 issue of Morgan Hill Life ‐ Mark Fenichel

I had heard of local musician Frank Dicker Sr. for quite sometime, and when I first met him I was
surprised to meet a softspoken, short, bald headed gentleman with horn rimmed glasses and the
appearance of an accountant or a banker. It turns out Frank is indeed a retired banker with years
of business experience. But how true is the saying “Don’t judge a book by the cover” as he is
truly an experienced singer songwriter with a long history of experience in the music business
and simply put … a nice guy.
Frank has been singing all his life. His love for music started at an early age in Fresno, where he
was a singer in the local Cub Scout band. In high school in Alameda he was an Eddie Fisher
“sound a like” singing at local gigs.
In the early ‘70s he seriously began writing after hearing James Taylor’s first album and has
never stopped. Frank has been married since 1958 and has two boys, both terrific musicians
He believes the best songs are always crafted around good storytelling. This is probably why
many of his songs take on a country type feel. Take his song “Ridin’ on That Train.” It tells the
story of a young lad on the train to clear his head.
We find out that the tracks on his body lead to a sad ending. “LA Town” is a story about Frank’s
career as a San Francisco banker and how he loved to go south and then learned his northern
bosses didn’t always like the changes he made while there.
“Drag The Main” is a Hagar Type rocker that tells a story about driving his car down main street
with his girl.
”Run Jack Run’ is a dog lover’s story about man’s best friend and how the dog didn’t back down
on the trail when he was confronted by a large cat.
“Sweet Honey Pie” is a love story done to a blues beat. You can see that his stories are a central
point of his songs.
Frank is an ASCAP writer and publisher (Frank A. Dicker Music) and has written songs for film,
TV, games, and advertising. His writing covers several genres including country, rock, R&B, jazz,
blues, and pop.
From my first time seeing Frank in a live performance setting I was extremely impressed with his
fingerstyle guitar playing and his smooth well seasoned vocals.
At the time we met, I was playing weekly duos in a local barbecue joint and thought it would be
fun if we could play one together. My harmonica seemed to fit into his music, although Frank
appeared a bit apprehensive about playing together since he is so used to being a solo act. Frank
suggested we get together and it turned out we had a nice rehearsal in his home studio and it
really worked.
Frank had read my article about local producer/musician Polo Jones (Vol.1 Issue 15 Jan. 8, 2014)
and contacted Jones about producing his music. Polo basically took Frank’s songs and revised
much of the music, brought in a host of top quality musicians and produced a finequality, 10‐
song CD of Frank’s songs called The Dicker/Jones Project. It is a wonderfully well produced album
with a diverse variety of song styles.
I must give Frank a lot of credit for allowing someone full license to redo his music and have him
play minimally and in some songs not at all on his own album.
I was asked to be part of this project and thoroughly enjoyed my time in the studio with Polo. I
was quite impressed with Polo’s vision and how he knew exactly what he wanted from me and
was able to effortlessly bring it out during the session. I am extremely proud of the final mix on
both songs I worked on.
Additionally, they created a brand new Christmas single “My Coloring Book” that will likely get
some radio airplay this holiday season.

Dicker Sings For His Supper

1973 article in the San Rafael Independent Journal. This was when Frank was still working in banking. This photo was taken at the Lion Share in San Rafael. National acts came through this great venue on a regular basis.